1. We have a range of BOPP Films used in a range of industrial
packaging. Bi Axially Oriented Poly Propelene (BOPP) Film is an
excellent material for various industrial applications and are
used in consumer goods. BOPP is used in the packaging of
confectionery, tobacco, liquids, and cosmetics. For each
application, we have the best option of BOPP available.
2.Transparent Non Sealable Film
3. Transparent Heat Sealable Film
4. Metallized Heat Sealable Film
5. Label Grade White Film
6. White Opaque Film
7. Matte Film
8. Wet Lamination Film ( Board Lamination, Paper Lamination)
9. Thermal Lamination Film – Glossy & Matt- Offset Printing

For special packaging applications, we have
coated BOPP films such as Acrylic Coated film and PVDC coated film.
Acrylic Coated BOPP Film is used for extremely high speed packaging,
keeping intact the aroma and freshness of the products.

-Acrylic Coated Film
-PVDC Coated Film

Polyester Film is an excellent film for economical printing with excellent
optics and packaging results. PET Film can be used for lamination with
many other films such as CPP Film, and BOPP Film.

-PET Transparent Film
-PET Metalized Film
-PET Electrical Grade Film (Cable Insulation)
-PET Matte Film
-PET Twistable Film

Cast Poly Propylene Film is the optimum choice for packaging of food
itmes such as Pasta, Chips, and biscuits. CPP Film is an economical and
viable choice for food packaging.

Aluminum Foil (Flexible Packaging) – 7 Micron, 9 Micron, 11 Micron

With the growing Self Adhesive Label market, we have a range of products
that can be used to print all kinds of labels. Self Adhesive Label paper can
be used to print labels for retail goods, barcodes, lubricants, and the
pharmaceutical industries. With the right label paper, you can get the
highest quality label for the most economical value. We are also providing
security labels and specialized gold and silver labels.

-Semi Gloss Label Paper
-Direct Thermal Label
-Thermal Transfer Label
-Valleum Paper
-Matt Paper
-PP White
-PP Clear
-PE Transparent

Industrial Packaging is essential for all sectors. With basic shrink films and
stretch films, you can meet your daily packaging needs. From Pallet
wrapping to promotional packaging, FP has a wide range of products

-Stretch Film Hand Roles – Pallet Wrapping
-Stretch Film Machine Roles – Palllet Wrapping
-POF Shrink Film
-PVC Shrink Film

For Self Adhesive Label applications, we have high quality
Cold Foils which enhance the appearance of the Self
Adhesive Label product. We can provide all sizes on
demand and we have a wide range of varieties available.
We have the following colors available:

  • Dark Gold
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rainbow

For sugar and other sachet packaging, we have high quality
One Side Coated Paper (Sugar Paper) available. Our paper
has an excellent treatment which gives an overall glossy
look and can be printed on. We have a range of sizes
available. Below are the specifications available:

  • C1S Paper (Various Thicknesses)
  • C1S/ PE Coated Paper (Various Thicknesses)
  • Sandwich Paper
  •  Thermal Paper
  •  Receipt Rolls

We have a range of packaging films for gift packaging.

  • Flower Bouquet Packing Film
  • Gift Trays Packing Film
  • Sweets Trays Packing Film
  • Shrink Film